Gender Studies International Conference 2024: Call for Participation

European Humanities University announces the Call for Participation in the Gender Studies International Conference 2024: Studying Gender, Family and Love during the Crises

The conference seeks to answer the questions:

  • How do gender stereotypes and agencies transform during crises?
  • What are the implications of gendered leadership for resilience and recovery in crisis-affected areas?
  • What are the interconnections between romantic ties and life choices, practices of political solidarity, and identities?
  • How do crises influence gender-based power dynamics and systems of oppression?
  • How are sexual imaginaries and practices affected by war, populism, and violence?

Equally important are methodological challenges of conducting fieldwork and analysing data during crises, which affect both researchers and academic institutions. How can we address these challenges and critically reassess established standards of fieldwork to make them adequate for the production of critical knowledge on gender and its multiple intersections?

We invite researchers at all career stages from a wide range of disciplines, as well as practitioners, activists and students engaged in work related to gender issues to discuss the transformations of gender dynamics and their multiple intersections in difficult times and to present their research findings. 

The Conference will take place on May 24 at the EHU and online.

Working language: English

If you are interested in listening to the presentations – you can register to the conference via this registration form.

The programme of the conference is available here.

If you have any queries, please email